Q:  What is ITE Toronto Section and how does it relate to ITE International and CITE?

A: ITE Toronto section is a local chapter located in Canadian District (formerly District 7) (aka CITE) of ITE International.  ITE Toronto section is the largest local chapter in District 7 with over 500 members. The purpose of the local Toronto section is to foster closer association of members in the Toronto area and to promote education and awareness of local transportation and traffic engineering policies, issues, concepts, and problems.

Q:  What area does the ITE Toronto Section cover?  

A: ITE Toronto Section generally includes members who work in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which includes the City of Toronto, the Regions of Durham, York, Peel, and Halton. ITE Toronto section area includes the Ryerson University and University of Toronto student chapters, and also has affiliations with our neighbouring local chapters: the Hamilton and Southwest Ontario sections. It also includes Metropolitan Toronto and all other portions of Ontario not covered by separate Section Charters.

Q:  How do I become a member of the the ITE Toronto Section?

A:  You need to be a member of ITE and choose the Toronto Section area (see above).  If you are registered with ITE as working in the GTA you will automatically be registered as part of the local Toronto Section. Please visit the ITE international website at to confirm your membership status.

Q: I am interested in learning about postings opportunities with ITE, how do I find out more about this?

A: If you want to post jobs to just the Toronto Section membership, please contact our communications coordinator or as an alternative, you can post jobs to the Canadian membership through CITE who sends the job postings to the national membership. For more information on CITE Job posting opportunities please visit their website at or email them at

Q: How do I get on the Toronto Section newsletter mailing list?

A: ITE Toronto gets membership updates from ITE international who maintains the primary membership database.  So if you are not receiving the newsletter we suggest you visit to update your information.  However, because our membership lists are updated occasionally through the year, it sometimes takes time for you to start receiving newsletters.  If you want to start immediately receiving newsletters please contact our Membership Co-ordinator.

Q:  I would like to volunteer for a position on the ITE Toronto Section, how do I do this?

A:  Elections for positions on the Toronto Section are held during the Christmas Luncheon / Annual General Meeting (AGM), which typically occurs in late November / early December every year.  Available positions are posted on the website and newsletter in the months leading up to the AGM. If you are interested in volunteering on the Toronto Executive please contact the Section Vice-President who administers the elections. If you have ideas for events and would be interested in helping to organize them, please contact the President or Vice-President.

Q: I have an interesting transportation topic I would like to include in the newsletter. Who do I contact?

A:  Inquiries about newsletter content should be sent electronically to our Communications Coordinator.

Q:  I have a general question about the ITE Toronto Section.   Who do I contact?

A:  Feel free to contact our President or Vice-President if you have any general questions.