ITE Toronto introduces three new committees created to increase opportunities for Section members to shape the future of the Section through the planning of events, the development of technical initiatives to explore on behalf of the membership, and, to help recognize the many contributions members to ensure the continued success and prosperity of the Section. Please note that Committee members do not have to be members of the Executive to participate!

Duties of the Planning Committee may include:

• Planning, organizing and operating ITE Toronto's Spring Luncheon and AGM/Christmas Luncheon;
• Coordinating with the Section Executive in the conception and development of Section events throughout the year; and,
• Coordinating with the Section Executive to arrange sponsorship for events (if necessary)

This Committee is intended to draw upon the collective ideas, experiences and contacts of our membership to ensure high quality events for the Section. Typically, Planning Committee members arrange for a speaker/program, venue/location, menu, and accept registrations and signups/check-ins at the various events.

If you are interested in joining this committee for next year (2016), please contact Angela Gibson, ITE Toronto Section Vice-President, at (905) 895-2744 ext. 5902 or at

Duties of the Awards Committee may include:

• Planning, organizing and operating annual Section competitions such as the Project of the Year Award;
• Evaluating submissions for other awards and scholarships in collaboration with the Section Executive;
• Coordinating with the Section Executive to position the Section for awards from CITE and ITE international headquarters
• Identifying new opportunities to recognize Section members and their achievements.

This Committee helps the Section truly recognize greatness amongst our own membership!

If you are interested in joining this committee for next year (2016), please contact Mehemed Delibasic, ITE Toronto Section Past-President, at (905) 475-8727, ext 18329, or at


The goal of the Technical Committee is to highlight technical issues relevant to the Section's membership. This is primarily achieved through the presentations and workshops with local experts and guest speakers on various topics. Technical projects may also be undertaken at the discretion of the Committee members. The Simulation and Capacity Analysis Group of Toronto, known as SimCapTO, operates under the Technical Committee.

The Committee is intended to be a fun, interesting, and dynamic association of technically minded members who wish to make their contribution to the practice of transportation engineering and planning in Ontario and assist in addressing real-world technical issues in transportation across the Province. It is anticipated that initiatives developed by this Committee will garner national and international interest as Ontario presents a diverse range of transport issues.

The Technical Committee currently consists of the following members:

• Ravi Bhim, CIMA;
• Nixon Chan, LEA;
• Jason Dahl, IBI;
• Matthew Davis, City of Toronto;
• Juan Perez, WSP; and,
• Rey Shen, MTO.

There are many exciting initiatives currently being considered by the Technical Committee, so if you are interested in joining this committee for next year (2016), please contact Matthew Davis, ITE Toronto Section President, at (416) 392-0070 or at